Living in Andorra

What are the advantages of living in andorra?

What are the advantages of living in andorra?

Discover the magic of living in Andorra, a country that combines the historical charm with an exceptional quality of life. Located in the Pyrenees, Andorra welcomes a big variety of nationalities in a cosmopolitan environment of peaceful coexistence. With its architectural heritage, vibrant cultural scene & an attractive tax system, Andorra offers a unique balance between serenity and vitality. Begin a new phase in this welcoming country and immerse yourself in a lifestyle that merges cultural richness, security and well-being. Welcome to your new home in the Pyrenees!

Quality of life

Quality health system

Andorra has one of the most outstanding healthcare systems globally, as supported by diverse international rankings, such as the British Medical Journal, The Lancet.

The Andorran Social Security Fund (Caixa Andorrana de Seguretat Social (CASS)), an administrative entity dependent of the state, leads the management of the system, characterized by a co-payment system. Under this model, the patient assumes a small portion of medical costs, while the State finances the rest of healthcare.

Furthermore, CASS entered into agreements with France, Spain and Portugal for the referral of patients in situations requiring medical and health specialties that aren’t available in the Principality of Andorra.

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Citizen security & low crime rate

Andorra stands out for having one of the highest safety standards in Europe, supported by its low crime rate, recognized both international rankings and by the European Union member states, including Spain.

Variated & free education system

There are 3 coexisting public education systems in the country, the Andorran, the French and the Spanish, all of them financed by the state and free for all families residing in Andorra.

Moreover, 2 private schools affiliated with the education system that complements the options for families, as well as various higher education institutions, such as the University of Andorra.


Cultural richness and diversity

For art and history lovers, Andorra offers a captivating cultural experience that you should not miss. Our Romanesque Route is an authentic gem, composed of 44 churches scattered throughout the Andorran territory, dating from the 8th to 13th centuries. These churches represent a valuable artistic and historical heritage that invites to be explored in depth. . Moreover, Andorra harmoniously hosts more than 100 nationalities, forming a cosmopolitan and enriching environment, characterized by the pacific coexistence and the absence of conflicts.

Andorra hosts to 19 museums with a wide variety of themes, from Romanesque paintings to contemporary works. These museums invite you to immerse yourself in the rich history and customs of our Andorran ancestors. Do not miss the emblematic “Casa de la Vall” which has been the seat of the Andorran Parliament since the 18th century and has a fascinating history.

Throughout the year, you will find an extensive range of exhibitions, concerts, festivals and cultural shows awaiting you. Andorra is a vibrant destination that offers endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy world-class cultural events.

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Historical singularity

Andorra stands out for its historical singularity as a small independent country since the 13th century, strategically located between Spain and France, with a status of co-sovereignty shared by both nations.

Political stability & attractive financial model

Andorra stands out for its political and judicial stability, as well as its compliance with European regulations and transparency, backed by a highly competitive tax framework. Its attractive financial system positions Andorra as one of the most promising investment destinations.

Tourist attraction

With an undeniable tourist attraction, Andorra receives more than 8 million visitants annually. This figure opens the door to a vast market in a territory of 468 km2, offering an extraordinary potential of clients.

Naturaleza andorra


Andorra at its maximum natural expression

Andorra, strategically located between Spain and France, in the heart of the Pyrenees, reveals itself as an authentic winter paradise, commonly known as “the white heart of the Pyrenees”. Surrounded by majestic mountains, this small nation stands out as the main ski area in Southern Europe, offering a wide variety of winter sports to enjoy.

Beyond its winter charms, Andorra offers an exceptional natural environment nature and hiking lovers. The country counts with more than 80 lakes of various sizes and around 65 peaks of varying altitudes, including the impressive Coma Pedrosa, which rises to 2.942 meters. It also hosts more than 100 signposted routes adapted for all levels and preferences. These routes promise to captivate every visitor with a unique experience in the Pyrenean wilderness.


The sports paradise

Andorra is positioned as a privileged destination for the practice of a variety of mountain sports, both competitive and recreational area. This alpine country hosts internationally renowned events, covering disciplines like ski, trail running, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, obstacle courses, as well as motor sports such as trial, Enduro and rallies, among others (consult the agenda for more detail). In this scenario, athletes and amateurs find unique and exciting challenges.

The most outstanding competitions in these disciplines attract elite athletes from worldwide, consolidating Andorra as an indisputable reference in the international sports scene.

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Approved fiscal framework

Andorra presents an attractive tax framework without falling into the category of tax heaven. The signing of agreements to avoid double taxation with countries such as Spain, France and the United Arab Emirates reinforce its commitment. An Association Agreement with the EU is expected to be concluded by the end of 2024, facilitating the free movement of capital, goods and services. Andorra it at the forefront of international tax harmonization.

Fiscal dimension France Andorra Spain
Income Tax Up to 45% (maximum rate) Maximum up to 10% Up to 47% (maximum rate)
Corporate Tax Up to 33,33% (general rate) 10% (general rate) Up to 25% (general rate)
Non-Resident Income Tax Up to 30% (maximum rate) 10% (unique rate) Up to 47% (maximum rate)
Property Tax Yes (varies by asset) Not applies Yes (varies by asset)
TVA-IGI-VAT 20% (general rate) 4.5% (general rate) 21% (general rate)
Capital Gains Tax Up to 30% 10% Up to 26%
Double Taxation Agreements Yes (with several countries) Yes (with several countries) Yes (with several countries)
Inheritance Tax Varies according to relationship Not applies Varies according to relationship

Opportunities for digital nomads

In order to promote foreign investment,

regulations have been implemented to encourage new investment opportunities, placing the Andorran economy in a competitive position vis-à-vis neighboring economies and making it an attractive destination. In addition, new residency options have been introduced that do not require a deposit of 50.000 euros, a mandatory/compulsory requirement for traditional residencies.

These new residences are especially beneficial for those whose businesses do not depend on a specific geographic location and make intensive use of technologies. People in this situation can opt for three types of authorizations, whenever they meet the established requirements:

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empresas digitales en andorra

Incentives for the creation & innovation of digital business

Digital assets and blockchain law.

Along the same line, measures have been implemented to encourage financing and investment in companies related to the digital economy and innovation. One of the most outstanding innovations is the regularization of startups, which cheers up both their creation and investment. The beneficiary startups must have innovative business models based on technology.

Another significant innovation is the creation of a controlled environment or “sandbox” where it is possible to test new products, services or business models related to the digital economy without being subject to taxation.

Andorran legislation also benefits those seeking financial investment strategies. Besides to favorable taxes, the law on digital assets and blockchain has been approved, which implies:

  • Andorran Banks and Cryptocurrencies: Nowadays, several banks in Andorra have integrated staff with blockchain expertise and are opening their doors to clients holding cryptocurrencies. It is essential to choose the right bank to meet your needs and properly demonstrate traceability of funds.
  • Business Climate in Andorra: In this unique business environment, the community of professionals is constantly growing. From traders to those who generate yields from exchange transactions, you will find a diversity of experts in the financial sector. This rich mix implies it is easy to establish a strong network, opening the door to new investment opportunities and collaboration. The proximity to other successful investors in the sector can be useful as a source of inspiration and guidance for your own business projects.
  • Networking and advice: You will enjoy the support of professional advice, giving you a significant advantage as an investor. The combination of a solid network of contacts and expert orientation will make it easier for you to make strategic decisions and take advantage of the opportunities offered by Andorra’s business environment.


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