ABOUT USWe are your Auditor,
Advisor or Management Service Provider

The leading professional services company in Andorra.
A team made up of the best professionals in each speciality at your service

Our mission is to serve our clients in all those professional services they need from us.

Our goalWe are by your side

Do you want us to help make your project a reality?

We want to be worthy of your trust.

Our values are:

Trust, professionalism and confidentiality; Our Vision: We seek the sustainable growth of the company through a trust-based relationship with our clients and the professional careers held by our organisation’s collaborators.

We are celebrating
2023: 15th Anniversary
Let's get started
2008: Start of activity as OCPS Auditors i consultors, SL
We structure ourselves
o 2018: creation of the group companies; OCPS Assessors Comptables SL; OCPS Assessors Tributaris SL; OCPS Auditors SLU
We grow
2008 – 2022: growth of the group thanks to the trust of our clients, with whom we have managed to go from 3 employees to our current number of 30
Professional involvement
Comprehensive analysis of the work.
Interview with the client to define the objective and scope of the work.
Capacity of resilience
Requests for necessary information.
Definition of the team and the work execution schedule.
Working by project and under budget
Elaboration of the budget.
Economic assessment.
Client acceptance
Definition of general conditions
Eduard Jordi OCPS


Presentation of the Director of the OCPS group

He has a degree in Business Administration and Management, Certified Auditor-Censor of Accounts and several Masters’ and Postgraduate degrees. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Andorra and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Andorra in economic and fiscal matters. He started his career as an auditor at KMG and later held several management positions at Andbank. He has been part of the administrative bodies of top-tier Andorran companies in the financial, insurance, tourism and services sectors. Since February 2009, he has been the head of the OCPS group and currently, the President of the Official College of Economists of Andorra.

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