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More than 30 years of experience in the different aspects of the economic and financial management of companies and entities, both public and private.


The characteristics of our company provide us with the flexibility and dynamism necessary to achieve the maximum trust of our clients, performing our work with the highest level of quality.

Audit of individual and consolidated accounts
- Individual and consolidated annual accounts auditing
- Due Diligence auditing
- Limited account reviews
- Report of agreed procedures
Special reports and legal requirements
- Independent expert reports on non-monetary contributions
- Merger or spin-off project reports
- Economic assessments
- Special reports to regulatory bodies
- Actuarial studies
- Manual of procedures
Auditing and public tax inspection
- Auditing of company and public liquidations accounts
- Financial auditing
- Compliance auditing
- Regularity auditing
- Management audits and for the application of public subsidies
- Financial control reports
- Justificatory reports for public pricing and rates
- Analysis of the economic/financial break-up of franchises


The professional services we provide are always highly customised, adjusting to the technical requirements and specific circumstances of each order received.

Accounting advice
- Preparation of annual accounts
- Closure support
- Bookkeeping or accounts outsourcing
- Accounting consultancy
- Training services
Business and property consulting
- Economic, financial and fiscal planning
- Business and feasibility plans
- Valuation of companies
- Corporate finance
- Selection of investments
- Dashboards
- Manuals of procedures
- Succession to the family business
- Constitution of family offices
- Treasury and financing plans
Regulatory compliance consulting
- Elaboration of the procedures manual
- Elaboration of individual risk studies
- Training services
- Implementation of money laundering prevention software


The professional services we provide are always highly customised, adjusting to the technical requirements and specific circumstances of each order received.

National and international tax planning
- Analysis of the fiscal residence of natural and legal persons
- Legal structure and fiscally efficient vehicles
- Selection of the most appropriate tax regimes and tax incentives
- Asset or business reorganisations
- Succession tax planning
- Application of information exchange agreements and to avoid double taxation
- Transaction analysis and transfer pricing information
Preparation of tax returns
- Preparation and filing of corporate tax
- Preparation and filing of the special tax consolidation regime
- Preparation and filing of personal income tax (IRPF)
- Preparation and filing of the general indirect tax (IGI)
- Preparation and filing of non-resident income tax (IRNR)
- Preparation and filing of municipal taxes
- Other tax self-assessments
Assistance with requests, inquiries and tax inspections
- Obtaining a Tax Registry number
- Tax census additions, deletions or modifications
- Drafting and presentation of tax inquiries
- Drafting and presentation of answers to tax requirements
- Analysis, consultation and negotiation
- Drafting and filing of appeals before the Technical Tax Commission
- Assistance to legal services in tax litigation
- Tax audit reports on tax inspections
Training services
- For regulated study bodies (University)
- For public bodies and training examinees
- “In company” courses


Our professional services are dedicated to certified companies as well as public institutions and entities, all of which enjoy a high degree of recognition.

Procedures in regulatory compliance
- Processing of the declaration of beneficial owner
Administrative and accounting services
- Bookkeeping, accounts preparation and filing
- Administrative management of Human Resources
Tax management
- Preparation and filing of state and municipal tax returns
- Census additions and deletions and NRT requests
- Application for residence certificates
Residence procedures and incorporation of companies
- Residence permits and immigration processing
- Processing of foreign investment permits
- Incorporation and liquidation of companies
- Registry in the tax census, social security and data protection agency
- Changes of fiscal address
- Miscellaneous procedures
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